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pakistan. a u.s. drone strike has killed a top taliban commander. mullah nazir was famous for denouncing pakistan's polio eradication campaign when it began several months ago. he was also responsible for orchestrating attacks across the border in afghanistan on nato and afghan security forces. a total of ten taliban were killed in that strike. >>> and back here at home, children, teachers and staff who survived the sandy hook shooting take up a familiar routine this morning. they're going back to school. parents are being reassured that the new setting is the safest school in the entire country. as the children from sandy hook elementary school ride the bus to class today, the streets leading to their new school will be lined with green ribbons. the ribbons are the color symbolic of sandy hook elementary school. people from around the world are also showing their support. some sent snowflakes with messages of love and hope that are now hanging throughout the new school. >> a great deal of thought and effort and volunteer work make this as seamless as possible. to make it really look che
and about syria and pakistan. kerry is expected to sail through the confirmation vote some time next week. >>> and gun control advocates are urging the public to get behind tough, new legislation, just unveiled yesterday. senator dianne feinstein introduced the law that would ban 157 types of assault weapons. the nra and their congressional allies are unlikely to approve them. >>> and the senate has some new rules this morning to curb filibusters, which are used to block bills and nominations. senators overwhelmingly approved the new rule, which reduce but don't eliminate the number of times a filibuster can be used by the minority party. in return, the majority will to allow two minority amendments to bills. >>> and rhode island statehouse, lawmakers applauded after passing a bill to allow gay marriages. rhode island is the only state in new england that does not allow them right now. the bill's future in the state senate, though, is unclear. no vote is currently scheduled there. >>> and new jersey's republican governor, chris christie, is getting some political support from an unlikely
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)